September 15, 2007

on flat tires...

I got a flat tire on Friday. It was an issue.

I've decided that it was pretty much destiny, though - written in the stars, if you will - because this ginomous, godforsaken bolt was strategically placed in such a way that it completely pierced my tire. I'm still a bit confused as to how it was even possible, because the thing was huge and it must have been at exactly the perfect angle, and I must have been driving at exactly the perfect speed and/or velocity. When I rolled over it, my tire was started making this womping sound (that's right, I said womping) and I had to pull into the parking lot of a shady little turquoise motel. When I looked at said tire, there was the bolt. Smiling up at me, as if to say, "Well, hello, friend! Do not hate me! I am but a feeble bolt!" Still, I wanted to curse. Just a little.

(And maybe I did, but don't tell anyone.)

I decided to chance it and drive the rest of the way to the grandparents, since it was only a mile or so. I made it, but by time I arrived, I could hear the air hissing out of the tire. Lame. I was able to mooch off of their AAA (note to self: sign up for AAA, considering I've been meaning to for the last 2.5 years) and a ginormous Samoan man came and changed my tire. (Seriously, though, he was giant. It made me happy when he was cracking jokes and being all jovial.) Long story short, blah blah blah, it took forever for me to find a place to take my car to get a new tire, blah blah blah, but I ended up having it replaced and wasn't charged a penny and even got a free carwash out of it, blah blah hurrah!

Also, I went to a craft fair with my aunt. It was fun, and I still have this intense desire to come up with my own trademark craft. Have yet to decide what that is.

Oh, sad news. One of The Besties decided to up and leave town. My dear little cricket. She is moving to Michigan. Boooo! Hisssss! Okay, okay, I guess I did the same thing a few years ago (although for me, it was a move from WA to CA) and it's good to make a spontaneous choice in life sometimes. We all need that. But, still. What am I going to do without her? I'm going to cry. Tissues, please.

Things I've noticed lately:

  1. Joseph Gordon Levitt and Shia LaBeouf have come a loooong way since Angels in the Outfield and Even Stevens, respectively. Man crush, anyone?
  2. I become Huggy McHuggerson when I am a wee bit tipsy.
  3. This is completely addictive.
  4. I haven't written in my paper journal in months. And this year I had decided to write in it daily, even if it was just a small quip or doodle. So much for that idea, eh?
  5. Funny cat photos make life worth living. I spend more time than necessary on sites like this and this and this. Addiction? I think so.
  6. I was going through my old blurty (my online journal from when I was 17 - I kept it up almost daily for a few years, actually) and I make myself laugh. I was such a head-in-the-clouds daydreaming fool. But, still, it's fun to go back and see exactly what I was thinking about a few years ago. I love that. (Maybe I'll give you the link somday, and maybe I won't.)

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