September 28, 2007

on the current obsessions...

currently quite obsessed with:

+ Kate Nash. Her music is absolutely awesome. It's so random and quirky, and her lyrics are more like a story than lyrics. Which I enjoy. Her song "Foundations" makes me laugh. It's very honest. I saw the video and it caught my attention because I love the style of it - I usually hate music videos, so when I notice one I enjoy, it really stands out. (And you know I totally sing to her music with a british accent. Because everything sounds better with a british accent. Cheeahs, gov'nah.)

+ Starbucks' iced chai lattes. (I know, shut up already about those godforsaken lattes! But really! They own my life!)

+ Making bookmarks. Random, I know. I found a couple vintage books at a thrift store the other day, and I bought them because they had some great illustrations in them and I figured I could use them in some sort of crafty way. So, I came up with this:

(The one in the middle is totally scary, right? I know. It haunts my dreams.) I also made some cards with the pages, and came up with these:

+ Bert's Bees lip shimmer. Perfect amount of shimmer and pink-ness. And it feels tingly. Love love love.

+ Reno 911. Probably one of the best shows on television.

+ Printing out photos that I've had on our computer for two years and never got around to printing out, for a variety of reasons. I've decided that's the curse of a digital camera: yes, indeed, it's convenient to have them all on my computer right away, but I never get around to printing them out. Ever. They just sit in my computer. Forever. So, luckily, I have gotten over my laziness (and our cartridges finally have a proper level of ink) and printed out a whole bunch that are presently adorning our fridge. Weeee!


  1. I absolutely love your Alice cards. I would pay money for them.

  2. I love you bookmarks and cards, they are wonderful :)

  3. oh and i agree totally about Kate Nash!!

  4. hi there. Toni here from swwap-bot. !create.outloud! I freakin love chai too! haha how do i add you to my blogger? can yuo add me? i'd love to keep in touch. great spot! Toni

  5. I love the illustration that you said was creepy!! Another obsession of mine is Burt's Bees lip stuffs - I need help what can I say - Nutmeg is the best color!

  6. I love your bookmarks! So cute and that's a wonderful idea to use vintage books...wish we had stores like that here:) Thanks for the chat the other night!

  7. I had another friend recommend Kate Nash to me -- I'll have to definitely check her out now.

    Thanks for delurking on my blog -- I'm glad to have found yours!! :)


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