September 22, 2007

on the calm after the storm...

"Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope
that if you just show up
and try to do the right thing,
the dawn will come.
You wait and watch and work:
You don't give up."
- Anne Lamott


  1. Beautiful photos!!

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  3. You really should be a photographer! By the way...I didn't receive the pictures through Juno:( I do have my own email through google though...I think it's Miss you!

  4. those photos are gorgeous!

    saw that you joined the 20-somethings network and thought i'd check out your blog. nice to 'meet' you :)

  5. This is a nice follow up to your previous entry!!!

    -Tina Colada

  6. i found you on 20something bloggers and i love your blog! beautiful photos! :)

  7. Came across your profile on 20somethings. Nice photos. I especially love that last one - beautiful. :)


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