August 15, 2007

on Vegas, baby, Vegas...

So, to continue our Summer Extravaganza of Day Trips Galore (I guess that's what I'm calling it now?) we are going to Vegas tomorrow. Just for one night. As if we haven't spend enough money this summer, right? Jay usually gives me a limit of about $60 for gambling, anyway, which is good considering I lose absolutely everything I bring and/or win on those stupid slot machines. They sucker me in, I tell you! I walk by and think, "Ooooh, sparkly. I like. Here, take my twenty dollar bill!" I don't even know how to use half of them. Whenever some old lady wins big I give her the stink-eye, thinking, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT I AM NOT. AHHHHH." But I am mildly good at blackjack - not that we're high rollers or anything. I remember last time we went, we were laughing when we realized just how cheap we were because we weren't willing to play at even the $5 blackjack tables. We're all about the $1 and $3 tables. We owned those tables!

Anyway, I'm slightly upset because every time I go to Vegas I always come to the conclusion that I don't own any Vegas Clothes. I'm not talking Hooker-Hoochie-Mama-Clothes (if there is, indeed, such a thing). Vegas Clothes. My Old Navy halters and bermuda shorts don't scream "Lookee-me-I'm-cute-and-sassy"! Well, maybe in Orange County, but not where we're headed. Bah. Why am I worried? It's going to be 130 degrees out there anyway, so who's to say I'll even be able to wear any MAKEUP or do my HAIR into anything that remotely resembles decency. Sheesh.

I'm excited, though. I have barely seen the husband in the last couple days. We've been working opposite shifts, so I'm always asleep when he leaves for work and can't offer him more than a slurred, "Mmmmkay g'bye haveagooooddaeeeloveyouuu" in the morning, and he's asleep when I return home and I can't actually make out much of his slurring, to be honest. Ah, young love. We are strangers in the night! So, it should be a nice couple of days. Excruciating heat, money loss, lack of Vegas Clothes aside, I'm pumped and ready to go, people. Who knows, I may win something. Send me good vibes; I'd appreciate it.

Now it's off to clean before work. Since I'll be gone on my weekly Cleaning Day. Ugh. I've had a lack of cleaning motivation lately (Whaaa? Me? Not wanting to clean?) and so I think I'd rather just sit here online for the next three and a half hours. Sound good? Good.


  1. I know what you mean about Vegas clothes. I noticed that last time I was there, too. My brother says that Vegas is like Halloween, but warmer.

  2. Fab blog. I love the cupcake love picture (so does OH who is also known as Jay)
    Thanks for sharing your blog

  3. Andrea - Luckily, it was so flipping hot in Vegas, that I was glad I went with the flipflops, bermuda shorts and tanks. Last time we went is was so flipping COLD, that I was stuck wearing a huge peacoat whenever we went out, so I'm pretty much giving up on the whole Vegas Clothes thing because at this rate, I'm not going to win. :)

    Stitchinwitch - Thanks for reading! I appreciate the comment! And I'm glad that a Jay, other than my own, appreciated my cupcake art. Heehee.


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