August 28, 2007

on socks and running...

I had to wear a pair of Jay's socks to work yesterday. With my ballet flats. I'm fighting The Man, and also the lesser evil known as Nylons. (If I already spend too much money replacing the full nylons for when I choose to wear my skirt - replacing, due to the fact that they can't seem to last more than a couple weeks without completely falling apart - there's no way you're getting me to waste money on knee-highs when I choose to wear pants, thank you very much.) However, I realized once I arrived to work and looked in the full length mirror, I looked sort of like a homeless person from the waist down.

But then I figured I was having a good enough hair day to distract from the hott mess that was my feet.

Oh! Exciting news. Apparently the hubby and I are going to run a half marathon next year. (raises eyebrows in skeptisism) I know, I know. I am the anti-sport and I've never, ever even considered being a runner until the last couple weeks. (The last time I "ran" was in the fifth grade and I decided to take a gander at cross country - too bad I came in last at every single thing and nearly had a stroke every time I tried to push myself. That's bad news bears, people.) But when Jay mentioned this half marathon, I thought, "Hey, why not at least try? It gives me something to push towards, at least. And does this mean I get to buy new work-out clothes?!"

However, if we are, indeed, going to pursue this half marathon, then I get to get my bootie in some serious shape. Considering I've never, ever been a runner. I've been researching training programs online, and they all seem disgusting and brutal, but I have to start somewhere. You're not going to see me in the gym seven days a week, but I could do four days, I think. And I'm kind of excited. I've found that thus far in my life, when I try something that I either didn't think I'd like, or didn't think I could do, I usually surprise myself.

Hopefully this time I shall surprise myself in a good way. Not in a bust my face on a treadmill accident due to the fact that those things are basically alive and make me slightly dizzy if I'm on them for more than thirty-five minutes...way.

Wish me luck?


  1. I just hate treadmills. They're too monotonous. What's worse than running for your life and not getting anywhere?

    I was on a total workout roll their for awhile. Then I started my period and its been a month since I've hit the gym. Have been feeling very guilty about that. Might go back tomorrow, if I can get my butt in gear. I'm in a Life Center dance performance that we have a 4-hour rehearsal for on Saturday (flashbacks to our Sat morn rehearsals at CYT!) and I'm thinking I'll probably suck wind.

    Four times a week is my limit.

    And just so you know, watching someone fall off an elliptical is far more comical than a treadmill, though treadmill falls are more rapid. Just my opinion.

  2. That's amazing!! Good luck! I want to run one sooo bad.. but I don't think my body agrees just yet. Soon though.


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