August 4, 2007

on my new favorite place...

Oh, and did I mention that yesterday Jay and I spend the day in Santa Barbara? It was glorious. Aside from the ash that kept floating into my eyes (apparently there was some sort of fire in the general vicinity), I loved the whole vibe of the city. I want to move there now. According to Jay:

"Don't you want to move to every single new place we visit? Seriously?"

And, yes, that may be correct, but I still want to move to Santa Barbara. I'm sure it's not going to happen, so I'm going to settle on Plan B. Which is Huntington Beach. I need to get on that, before the husband changes his mind. (The other day he said we could move if I found a place closer to Irvine, and if it was less expensive than our current rent. Weeee!)

Stay tuned.

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