August 23, 2007

on the jury I did not serve on...

So, didn't get chosen. For any jury. Which is probably for the better, anyway.

It was a rather boring day, as if that should be surprising. I did get called into a room for jury selection, but didn't even get to go up and answer any questions. (I think they're ageist, considering I was the youngest one in the room. Bah. They probably kept wondering, "Who is this fifteen year old girl, and why is she here? Seriously?") They even called up one guy who was the spitting image of Freakshow from Harold and Kumar. (Sans the pulsating sores on the face, but still, they could have been brothers.) Another was a tiny little middle eastern man who could hardly understand english. (Whenever we were taking "roll", everyone would answer with a "Here!" and you could hear him pipe up from the back of the room with a tiny little "Yes!" Made me happy. I wanted to hug him.) Although, the only reason I wanted to be asked questions was because I was getting tired of being slumped over in one chair or another and picking my manicure to oblivion due to extreme boredom. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have chose me, based on the aforementioned being-the-daughter-of-someone-in-law-enforcement and also the fact that it was a trial for someone we shall only refer to as "Slick" (based on the amount of hair gel he chose to put into action that day) who plead Not Guilty to a DUI. And, yes, I won't be a sissy like everyone else up there, I would straight up tell the judge that I would be biased. Guilty! Guilty, I say!

I'm sorry, but how do you plead Not Guilty to a DUI? You were driving, you got pulled over, you obviously took a breathalizer test and it came out higher than it should, and...okay, where is your case, exactly? Did I miss something? It's not a conspiracy, sir, just serve your time. Seems like a waste of time and tax dollars to have a trial, if you ask me. So, yeah. That's my story.

At least I got paid by my work, for a day of doing absolutely nothing. (And we got out early, so I even had time to run by a ginormous Target and buy some adorable clothes before going to meet Jay for happy hour! Woot!)

On the agenda for today:

1) Get much-needed highlights.
2) Clean apartment.
3) Get mildly tipsy with M tonight.

Exciting life, eh? Ah, well. I love it. And, oh! Jay is taking me to Disneyland tomorrow! I haven't been all summer. Granted, I spent a week in Disneyworld, but it's just NOT THE SAME. Disneyland will always be my happy place. It's true.


  1. Have fun at Disneyland!! Ride space mountain for me! :)

  2. Sounds like "fun". LOL! But you made it through.
    You lucky girl, I LOVE Disneyland. Used to go for free all the time when I was a kid. I really miss CA! *sigh*

  3. hello!

    You've been tagged!!



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