August 25, 2007

on the day of my birth...

"Happy birthday to meh, happy birthday to meh, happy birthday dear wishcaaaake, happy birthday to meh!"

Yes, today is the day of my birth. Cue the singing angels. (Or something like that.) Twenty-three years ago, my dad was rushing along a mountain pass in his police car, trying to make it to the hospital before I popped out, so to speak. (He made it, luckily.) I was their Care Bear right off the bat, and it's been said that I smiled when I was only a day old. Ah, yes, the good old days, when I was merely a behbeh. When all I had to do was coo and be amazed by shapes and colors.

Of course, today hasn't been that exciting of a day. I slept in until 8:00AM. I enjoyed a delicious english muffin for breakfast. According to the evil scale, this morning I gained a celebratory 4 extra lbs. (But we all know that thing is a liar, anyway. And I'm taking out it's batteries tonight, just out of spite.) I received a few "Happy Birthday" voicemails, which completely make my day. I'm at work until 6:30PM (but I'm wearing a magenta "Birthday Girl" pin on my uniform, which makes me giddy, and I think everyone should do this if they have to work on their birthday). Nobody seems to guess my right age, but what can I do? I've come to terms with the fact that I do, indeed, look seventeen. When, in reality, I'm twenty-three. (Some stupid cashier at The Dollar Tree told me I looked fifteen a couple months ago. I laughed it off, but I wanted to punch him in the face and say, "Yeah? So? You work at The Dollar Tree! Har har!" Seriously, fifteen is pushing it, no?)

Gosh, I really miss the days where birthdays were thrilling. When I'd wake up and sit on the couch surrounded by all my presents and I'd have to take that obligatory sleepy-eyed photo where I look seriously deranged, yet seriously happy about all my presents. Birthday parties were a good time, too. Goodie bags make my life.

Tonight Jay and I are going to Red Robin for our free birthday burgers. I signed him up under my email address, so he gets another one this month. (Dude, if you haven't signed up for it yet, do it. You get an absolutely free burger on your birthday! Ahhhh! Could it get any better?!) After that, it's off too my favorite little Irish bar for a bit of fun with the friends.

(As much fun as one can have, when one needs to work at 10AM the next morning.)


  1. Happy birthday!!! I hope you guys have fun! Don't worry.. no one believes I'm older than 14. Especially when they hear my voice.


  3. Yesterday was a blur..I drove home from Priest Lake (100 miles+ -- love it) in enough time to meet a young lady for her senior pictures, we were out and about for a few hours. Her parents insisted on paying me..I don't like that cuz then I'm responsible for good pictures, and the potential for disappointment is much higher. What do you charge for something like that anyway? The odds are in your favor due to the fact that normal senior photos are like, $500. I digress. After pictures I did a major overhaul of my bedroom. Went to the Habitat for Humanity Surplus store and purchased some old windows. Dirty, peeling...awesome and perfect for my room. I got a new comforter and sheets and pillows...basically redecorated everything. Then went out for drinks with my roomies.

    And never called you. On your birthday. I remembered though, and several times throughout the day I thought to myself "Call Kerri, damnit!" but alas...I didn't. =( I'm so sorry. Remember that year you forgot mine and felt so bad that you brought me flowers at work? Well I remember. Anyhow. Doesn't make up for my not calling. Soooo sorry. Glad you had fun. =) Talk soon.

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    I know how you feel - birthdays do suck as you get older. I have a blue pin that says "Its My Birthday!" that I wear every year, too.


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