August 28, 2007

on being AWESOME...

Can I have a proud moment real quickly? I totally ran two miles nonstop this morning. I know, right? Insane. I'm shocked and amazed.

(And it's alot easier to run longer and further, I've found, when you're on a brand new machine, listening to Hellogoodbye, and watching MTV2 on a flatscreen TV. Thank you, brand new 24 Hour Fitness! I love you.)

Well, Nuni, my howling cat, just told me he wants to watch Highschool Musical. And I shall oblige, not that I like that movie or anything. I am twenty-three, after all.



  1. cute. :) Congratulations on the 2 miler!!!

  2. I seriously applaud your efforts. I had this grand notion that I would train to run a 5k. I even had a training schedule and everything. ...and I am proud to report that in three months, I have completed exactly two days of my training.

    ...yah, running, not my thing. :)


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