July 26, 2007

on my day...

Today I'm having a beach day with M. It's been entirely too long. I'm not sure how I only make it to the beach a handful of times during the summer when I live in Southern California. And living-at-the-beach was reason #4 on my initial list of Reasons Why I Want to Live in CA. I guess I didn't take into account the whole 40-hour-workweek thing. Or the cleaning-up-cat-hair-takes-half-a-day-out-of-one-of-my-days-off thing. Or the it-takes-30-minutes-to-even-get-to-a-beach-because-I-live-next-to-theme-parks-and-not-the-sparkling-oceans-of-the-Pacific-as-I-had-planned. So, you see why I'm mildly giddy about having a day set aside to enjoy the beach, no? The beach, Taco Surf happy hour and dancing tonight. I've been overdue for a girls day, I tell ya.

It should be fun.

Last night was my first night away from Jay while he's gone for a friend's wedding. (I'm fresh out of vacation hours after Florida, and planning my trip home to see Dad before he's sent to Kuwait by the mean, mean Navy.) And you know? I did fine. My mild anxiety and thoughts of being brutally murdered while lying in bed with nobody to hear me scream (no, really, I'm that neurotic, just ask my husband) aren't any things that can't be cured with a couple margaritas and watching 50 First Dates. I'm just hoping the next several days go by really fast. I haven't been apart from him for this long...ever? I know it sounds cheesy, but when you're used to someone always being there to kiss you goodnight, it's mildly traumatic to not have them there.

Well, on to my day...

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  1. I use to get weird when Chrissy wouldn't be home for the night, and that's just my roommate. So I totally understand!!

    Anything specific you want me to bring tomorrow?
    Let me know!!


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