July 5, 2007

on lazy days and workouts...

Today is a bonafide lazy day. It's been good. Catching up on the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, the most recent episodes of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School (I am not ashamed to admit to my gulity pleasure). However, I'm kind of a hot mess, considering I did actually work out this morning, and had about an hour of pool-time, as well. I'm not sure why shower-time didn't automatically follow that lineup of activities, but somehow it didn't. Ah, well. I can be a smelly mess for myself. Oh, and Nuni. (But as far as I can tell, he doesn't seem to care.) And sometimes it feels good to just be a scrub, right? Right.

The Fourth of July was a good time, actually. In the AM, I went with M and some of her friends to attend a community parade. Everyone decorates their cars, bikes, scooters, etc. and parades down a street, for everyone to see. I, of course, didn't have any type of vehicle to decorate, so I plopped myself in the back basket of M's bike, patriotically waving a flag and praying that M didn't crash. (It was all fun and games until after the parade when we decided to go down a hill to Midget Town - yes, there is such a place - and took a turn too fast. The result? Many screams, and both M and I tumbling to the ground. Indeed, my life flashed before my eyes, but luckily I walked away with only a bruise.) After the parade, everyone went to the park for free hotdogs, lemonade, face painting, water balloons and potato sack races. Can we say adorable? Who still does things like that? What - you mean, neighbors actually know eachother and gather together for community bonding time? I loved it. Obviously I live in the wrong city.

After that, I went to meet up with Jay, as he work a morning shift and had the rest of the day free. We lounged by the pool (our pasty whiteness is rapidly decreasing - heck, yeah!) and then I decided that we should make some Ultimate Nachos for dinner. (I named them that, too. Don't mess with the copyright, peeps.) We scarfed them down while watching Children of Men, our latest Netflix. (The movie was okay. The nachos were better.) We were going to drive somewhere to watch some fireworks, but considering the amount of margaritas we'd consumed, we decided against it. Later, we realized that we had a nearly clear view of some firework show from our bedroom window, so we didn't miss out after all!

It was a good day. God Bless America! Seriously, though, it did make me feel a wee bit patriotic. I'm not going to lie.

I'm proud to say that I am pretty darn sure that I've found a workout I can stick to. (In reality, that's probably the sixth time I've said that in the last year, but I'm sticking to my guns this time.) 24 Hour Fitness has this 24 minute workout circuit set up, and I adore it. It's a little bit of everything rolled into one. And I can certainly handle that. And it worked for Jay, anyway - he has abs of steel that, although I admire them so, I also am a bit jealous. Onward to abs of steel! Make way! I think we're going again tomorrow morning (we are spending the rest of the day in LA - weee!) so, that'll be good times. However, the last few times we've gone, there's this random man who will sit on one of the machines in our circuit without doing a blasted thing. He has this expressionless face, and will do three or four reps, and then sit there. For about 5 mintues. Then he'll move along to another machine, sit there, doing a few reps, then sit there, eyes all glossy. It's rather irritating, and I almost wonder what his motivation is, for going to the gym. Is he just there to get away from his wife? To listen to the intriguing soundtrack of up-beat techno beats/sugary pop music? To simply be able to say to his buds, "Yeah, well, I just got done at the gym. Good workout."? To watch the girls bounce on the elliptical machines? Dude, whatever it is, go do it somewhere that does not involve my workout, because you're seriously disturbing me.


Have I mentioned that that I'm getting tan? (Well, tan according to my standards, and they are, indeed, quite low.) And it makes me giddy.

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