July 14, 2007

on Jay days...

I've been lucky enough to have the same days off as the husband this summer. While he's been in college, I've felt spoiled if I have two dinners a week with him - if that - and a couple mornings here and there. So, believe you me, having two full days where I can have as much Jay-time as I want, makes me happier than hamster (or something...). And one thing I love about Jay is his adventurous streak - when we have a day together, he's always eager for us to find something new to do. The last few weeks, I've felt like we've had so much more time to...grow together, for lack of a better word. I love it. I think that every relationship needs a bit of excitement, and although we certainly do enjoy our lazy pool-days and Netflix evenings, we like to take advantage of our locale, the amazing weather and all the extra time we have together. Here in Southern California, there's never a lack of things to do.

Recently, we went to the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, for those of you who may be thinking of chocolate, like I did the first time I heard of it) in LA. (I love the fact that I have a husband that isn't bored by things of the artistic nature. It makes me giddy.) There are currently two locations open for the MOCA, one of which is highlighting art and feminism. (Cue: rolling of the eyes by me, because I'm not really what you'd consider "feminist". Unless conservative, stay-at-home-moms are embraced by that culture. If they are, I missed the memo.) However, despite my prejudice, I did enjoy the earlier art in the exhibit. There was some great photography, which I enjoy most. Although, I think they went a little overkill on the whole vagina thing. Some of the "art" was straight up p-o-r-n. Seriously. Not sure what they were trying to prove, because it was a wee bit offensive in my book. But, hey. Art is art. (Whatever.)

The other MOCA was more my style. It had some wonderfully random pieces created with very unexpected things. There was a huge mural covering an entire wall, and the entire thing was made of napkins. Another was hundreds of lipsticks, where every one of the lipsticks had been shaved down to make different shapes. Impressive. My favorites were the amazing
murals done by Alexandra Grant. I told Jay that he could buy me one if he wanted to. (I don't think he wanted to.) Although, I do have to say, if all you're going to do is tear out a sheet of paper, draw one line across in in pencil, frame it and call it art: I will give you and your art the stink-eye. Because I'm mildly offended that I'm expected to be anything but irritated by it.

Moving on...

I was genuinely impressed by my bravery the other day. I am not a thrill-seeker by any means. But I decided to change my ways and take on some good old fashioned (well, new fashioned, if you want to get technical) roller coasters the other day. And, big surprise: I loved them. Heck, yeah. I, who was once a child petrified to tears on any ride that involved slight movement (you were lucky if you got me on the tilt-a-whirl), took on
this ride and didn't even urp. Or cry. Or become mildly naseous. It may not seem like a feat in your book, but I was proud. It's the beginning of a new era, I tell you! I also went on the other roller coasters there, all of which were incredibly fun - not counting the wooden roller coaster that needs some serious renovation because it was so rickety that I'm 99% sure we left the track several times during that death run. Not fun to feel like you're going to collapse into a pile of human bodies and timber. Not fun at all.

Other highlights of the last week-or-so:

Seeing Tracy Morgan do improv in Brea. (This guy has a seriously dirty act, and I was hoping he'd do something more along the lines of his SNL days - Maya Angelou, Brian Fellows, you know. But it was quite hilarious, just the same.)
Feeling mildly important while helping Jay set up some new eBay auctions. (I was in charge of photography. Although, I'm thinking I must have failed miserably, as he seems to have deleted every single photo I took. Hmmm. He just doesn't seem to trust my artistic vision.)
Getting into some sort of work-out habit. (Yes, I'm fighing my anti-gym trend and actually finding the motivation to get my butt out of bed every other morning for an hour workout. And really? It's not that bad. I have yet to see any sign of abs, but then again, it's only been a couple weeks and I'm slightly impatient.)
Getting my wedding album FINALLY AFTER WAITING NINE MONTHS FOR IT AND I HATE ALAN BRENT PHOTOGRAPHY AHHHH. (Of course, the album is completely wrong. Only two of my edits were done, and the album they sent isn't the one they posted for me online when I told them to go ahead and have it printed. Shammy sham sham. At least I have had some sort of contact with this company, though, and that's the only reason it's considered a "highlight". I'm sending it back and allegedly I'll have it in "about four weeks". Pardon my skeptisism.)

And that's about it, update-wise. I'm looking forward to this week. We have plans with a couple of Jay's friends for tomorrow night (some sort of artsy theatre thing - yay!), we're going to the OC Fair on Thursday (deep fried everything and ignoring our diet - yay!), I'm planning my trip home to see the family in September (the first time we'll all be together since my wedding - yay!) and I have a few
swaps that I have yet to prepare for, which is always fun times.

(I think I shall post some photo goodness soon. Stay tuned.)


  1. Ahh, roller coasters. Remember when we went to Disneyland and I got mad at you because you wouldn't even remotely open yourself up to the possibility of going on a roller coaster? I was terribly bitter at you for that. Amazed at your amount of sheer stubborn will. You remind me of me. (That's the same trip where you pointed to Jay from afar and said "Isn't he so CUTE?!" -- who knew.)

    I coulda told you Tracy Morgan would have a nasty act. Oh well. We can't all be superstars with a pure hearts and a good thought life. I'll be praying for his soul.

    Did I tell you I saw John Mayer last month? He came to the Gorge. Hal and I went. She took Ben's ticket. (Yep. Con's to a breakup.) We had some guys behind us totally obnoxious to a freakin' T. I was irked. Eventually they passed out and we had some peace and quiet. It was quite the show. And John Mayer was good too.

  2. Hey, just FYI... my interview is tomorrow so they will prolly call for a reference tomorrow night... so pls pls answer the phone or call them back so I can get hired right away. LOVE!!

  3. Update Update!!!


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