July 5, 2007

on eight amazing things...

I've been tagged by the lovely cricket:

1. Post the rules, then list eight things about yourself.
2. At the end of the post, tag and link to eight other people.
3. Leave a comment at those sites, letting them know they've been tagged, and asking them to come read the post so they know what to do.

1. I'm completely obsessed with swap-bot. Snail mail makes my life. If I had it my way, I'd spend entirely too much money sending random things to complete strangers. Seriously.

2. When I'm bored, I have photoshoots with myself.

3. I'm awesome at french manicures.

4. When I was young, I used to play "Harriet the Spy." Sometimes I still feel tempted to break out a notebook and write about random people I see.

5. I'm completely obsessed with the color teal.

6. I have an AA Degree. With which I do nothing. (Perhaps someday it will come in handy?)

7. I am terribly bad at returning things I borrow: movie rentals, library books, CD's from friends, phone calls, etc. (If you do ever lend me anything, don't say I didn't warn you.)

8. I'm a slight hypocondriac. (Thanks to quality programming on the Discovery Health Channel.)

And considering I'm not sure who all reads this blog, I'll tag those who I think may peer in here every once in a while: annie belle, newlywifed, whoorl and da-da-diana. (Anyone lurking out there? Introduce yourselves, people! I don't bite!)


  1. Dude, you will l-o-v-e this site.


    It's so adorable!!

  2. awwww i miss you kerri! i hope everything's great, and it seems like the married life is grandtastic!

  3. Black. Black like the night.

    Happy 12th birthday...(It made my grandson cry for days)...


  4. BTW... I am making the little mini scrapbooking thing for the next letter. WOOT!

  5. Don't feel too bad about your unused scholastic credentials. I have a BS and JD that I don't use.


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