July 3, 2007

on complete and utter grossness...

It's become painfully clear to me that somehow my cat will only puke when I'm here. Alone. By myself. Noooobody else in a five mile radius to help me out. Therefore rousing slight suspicion within my husband that all these oh-my-gaw-Nuni-puked-like-four-times-this-morning-ewwww stories may, in fact, be a complete fabrication, and created only to fight my case towards getting rid of this cat that I so dearly wanted. (I didn't sign up for a cat that howls at the moon, pukes for no good reason, and feels the need to create a kitty litter monsoon every time he poos.)

I may not be ready for children, if I can't even handle cleaning up a small amount of cat puke, huh?

Stupid cat.


  1. Cat puke is basically no different than kid puke. Come visit me, I have lots of experience in this arena. ;)

  2. I thought you said you loved Nuni again? Guess that ended fast.. but sadly cats can be quite gross.

    Oh... and someone tagged me on their blog! International Blogger Star... soon it will be me!!


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