June 12, 2007

on the wild side...

Just a small disclaimer, for those of you who witnessed the mayhem of my attendance at a recent MidSommar party (that's right, it's Swedish, I didn't spell it wrong):

a) I don't normally run into gates with great wild abandon.

b) I am a decent human being, even though I may have been laughing maniacally.

c) Apparently I needed bobby pins. Very much. And I needed exactly three. And although I thought I only mentioned it in casual conversation, I wasn't aware I wouldn't shut up about said bobby pin situation for a full thirty minutes. Sorry.

d) I dance in cars. It's what I do. Especially if the music selection includes Missy Elliot and/or Hanson.

Yeah, so it was a good time, albeit a little out of the norm for me (okay, very out of the norm for me). M's friends are the greatest people ever. We had a grand ol' time, and have the photos to prove it. And I already can't wait for next years' party. This couple throws the greatest shin-digs in the history of...well, my experience, anyway. When else do you get to attend a house party with valet parking, open bar, endless Swedish meatballs and a fire pit complete with all the s'mores your tummy can handle? It was fun. Very fun. And although I may have to suffer the repurcussions of my giddiness, I can rest easy knowing that I wasn't the biggest fool of the evening.

Ah, yes, I can smile for hours for the hilarity of it all. So, it was a good night.

I've felt so completely happy lately. It's been a good few weeks. Also, Jay has been completely and utterly amazing (when is he not?). I was throwing a fit over the phone a couple days ago, over a change in our plans (I am not, by any means, someone who can just "roll with the punches") and he was incredibly patient with me the whole time. Even when I kept going on and on and on, waiting for him to inevitably get tired of my whining, he still was calm. And ended up going out of his way to pick me up some Wendy's, because I wasn't going to have time to get dinner. Yes, he's a keeper. I envy his attitude. (I'm hoping our future babushkas inheriet his calm, optomistic demeanor. Puh-leeease. I couldn't handle a bunch of little me's running around.)

Oh, I hung out with Kobe Bryant today. You know. We're buds. (If buds walk right by eachother with a polite "Hello, there!". Psh. Details, details. We're tight, yo.)

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