June 7, 2007

on the various positions (yoga, people, YOGA)...

Yesterday, I made a point to work out. I've recently been wallowing in a fit of oh-gaw-why-do-I-feel-chubby-WTF-eh-boooo. I just have issues making actual steps towards losing the bit of weight I would like to lose. Perhaps if I didn't have fresh baked cookies at my disposal every day (they're for the customers, but, well...you know...) and actually could experience some sort of joy from working out - maybe then I'd reach my goal.

But, no. That would be too easy, my friends.

Instead, I enjoy my fresh baked cookies, and watch a bit of Celebrity Fit Club, instead of going to the gym.

Well, yesterday I had some good intentions on conquering some sort of work-out, and went with the yoga class because it's low impact. (There's something greatly unappealing about kick-boxing class, considering I know my face will be beet red and I'll be dripping in sweat. That's not fun to me. Not sure why, aside from the obvious.) This is the second yoga class I've been to and I've come to the conclusion that I don't like it. It's not fun. Why do people make it sound cool to do yoga? (Because pretty much the only reason I go to yoga is to feel trendy. No, I'm not kidding.) Maybe it's more fun if you're flexible. There was a 40 year old man that was more flexible than me, and that just pissed me off. And my legs kept falling asleep. I wanted to say, "IS THIS NORMAL BECAUSE IT DOESN'T FEEL NOMRAL." But I didn't want to shout above the calming sounds of Enya.

So. I guess my options are:

  1. Continue with yoga and hopefully aquire some amount of flexibility and spiritual calm in the process.
  2. Go back to the step class, which would be like punishment because I was running around in circles the whole time, feeling completely awkward. And at one point the instructor shouted out, "CHALLANGE YOUR LUNG CAPACITY!" which just didn't seem natural.
  3. Create my own workouts when I go. (Which is what I've been doing for the last few months. Which is why I've only gone about 5 times.)
  4. Be a shlump and not workout at all.

Unfortunately, they discontinued the pilates class at my gym, which is the one thing I think I actually enjoyed doing. Meh. Maybe I'll go buy some cute new workout clothes. For some reason, I always think that new workout clothes will bring me motivation to go. We'll see how this one goes.

On the agenda for today:

  • Cleaning the apartment before M and cricket come over for some much-needed pool time. (Freaking cat litter is cosuming every square inch of this place.)
  • Get hair-cut w/ M. (My split ends are completely out of control. Maybe that's what you get for wanting long hair again so much that you wait 6+ months before getting a haircut? Perhaps.)
  • Happy hour w/ Jay
  • Bar-hopping w/ M and some of her friends. (We shall see how this one goes. I'm more of a "wine night with the girls" type person. Plus, I'm the only married one in the group. Hmmm.)
  • Finish up my shopping for current swap-bot swaps.

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