June 30, 2007

on the vacation...

Well, instead of giving you a play-by-play of the whole vacay, I'll just say that it was a wonderful week away from "life". There was one fight with the husband (which is always nice to get out of my system, to be honest, after the tears dry - except that this one lasted half of a day, which was rather lame...), a night filled with bottles of wine and midnight swimming, hundreds of photos, seventy-million layers of sunscreen (hey, we were a fair bunch, I tell ya), a-mazing food, oh-so-much Disney magic, miles of walking and countless memories made (if I may be so cheesy).

What? You want to see some photos? Well, since you asked...I'll have to make a separate entry for the photo goodness. The layout always messes up when I try to put photos in with text. Anyone know why? Because it's making me physically angry. Anyway.

Probably the greatest vacation ever. Well, second greatest, next to the Jamaican honeymoon excursion last year. (It comes out on top due to it's all-inclusive nature. As many pina coladas as I could consume and endless seafood yumminess at every meal? Yes, please. Sorry for the fixation on food and beverage, but can you really blame me? Can you?) While in Florida, we had a Disney-filled week, enjoying every one of the parks - for free, mind you. (After this trip, I reminded Jay that he can totally work for Disney the rest of his life, simply so I can cash in on all the parks. We saved hundreds - dare I say thousands? - of dollars by using his discounts and sign-in pass. Yes, this is the life.) It was so incredibly wonderful to spend some time with my older sister and her hubby. It's always fun being around them, because my sister and I are basically the same person and Jay and her hubby are basically the same person. It works. I was glad that I was half asleep when they had to leave for the airport on the last day, because I knew that if I was even mildly coherent, I would have sobbed for hours. Have I mentioned how much I hate living far from my family? Because I do. It sucks.

Anyhow, it's been back to the grind for me. However, I get an extra day off this week, due to The Fourth. Much to my glee.

And that's that for now.

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  1. The job search is not going so good... meh. Remember, let me know if there is an opening at your place. Cause that would be super. Have a great 4th!!


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