June 16, 2007

on happiness...

things that currently send me into a fit of glee:

  1. Fred Flare. Probably the cutest website in all the land. I just want to buy and buy and buy...it's an issue, really.
  2. Looking at wedding photos. I realize now (even with my extreme bitterness against my evil photog) that I left with a whole bunch of great shots. Looking back, it's nearly impossible to accept that it's been a year and four months ago. Life is flying by.
  3. The musical goodness of Cary Brothers and Socratic.
  4. Being completely wrapped up in a good book. I love that feeling of not wanting to put it down, and being so excited to pick it up again, you know?
  5. Feeling tan. Er, pink. And freckled. But, hey, it's color, so don't judge me!
  6. GOING TO DISNEYWORLD IN FOUR DAYS AHHHHH. Okay, I know, I need to shut up. I'm just too dern excited.
  7. My husband. He's amazing. (How did I get so lucky?) This man is a saint, I tell you. Because there's no way I could put up with myself sometimes.
  8. This photo. I can feel like a hot mess, and then I look at her and think, "Eh. I guess it could be worse."
  9. Voicemails from my family.
  10. Mail goodness from my swaps. Even when I get something a bit lame (i.e. something obviously used/opened/ugh), it's still exciting to get something in the mail. I'm easily pleased.


  1. What are your free days? We shall watch! Do you work Wednesday? I think we should get yogurt and spend the day watching. Woot!

  2. We'll have to wait until I'm back from Florida. Then our Buffy marathon will be ON. Heck, yeah!

  3. Remind me again why you hate your wedding photog? Aside from the fact that they showed up so flipping late.


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