June 8, 2007

on the haircut...

And, dude. Yesterday I got a five dollar haircut. Great Clips was having a grand opening sale, and M and I both desperately needed a trim. Granted, I was a little nervous, considering that for the last two years (give or take a few months) I've been going to a uber nice salon to get my haircut. (The same place I get my highlights. But then, I'm super-picky about highlights, so I'm willing to pay more for those.) But, $50 for a haircut? Hells no. I started having guilt attacks, the last couple times I've gone in for a haircut and color. I'd think of how to strategically hide the reciept, so the husband wouldn't find it and want to leave me sad and alone (albeit with brilliant highlights and a lovely hairstyle).

Now that I'm growing out my hair, it's not like I need to go in for a paticular style, anyway. Just a trim with a few layers. At this point, I can't rationalize $50 for that.

And...dare I say that I like the $5 haircut more that the $50 ones? Ah, yes, life is good.



  2. Your reply was a valiant effort. I know what it's like to have a computer die on you. I like to drop-kick mine, but yours might not be conducive to that sort of thing. In that case, I don't recommend it. Exercise some patience, and be thankful for the opportunity to put to use all those years of living with 4 women and having to wait for the bathroom. Patience, grasshopper. (Ha!)


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