June 15, 2007

on hair and tummy-aches...

I went and had my hair gone yesterday. There's something about my salon, that every time I go, I don't feel exactly up-to-par on the fashion scene. Everyone there is super-trendy and adorable. They're all walking around with their fake tans, strappy little grecian sandals, long necklaces, and (need I say) amazing hair. I walk in to the place and automatically feel like a schlub. (And I leave feeling like a schlub with fabulous hightlights. Which is at least a step in the right direction.) I know my style isn't exactly "bleh", but still. I was painfully aware of my naked toenails and the fact that when I had to tilt my head forward, it created a glorious double-chin, which is always fun. There was a woman sitting next to me while I was getting a blow out (blow out...mua-ha...) and she was wearing Louis Vuitton shoes. Louis Vuitton SHOES, people. They looked just like the little handbags, but they were all shiny and the strap across the top was the same as the strap on the purses. I was fascinated. I almost couldn't handle it. How in-your-face-rich do you have to be to wear Louis Vuitton shoes? I wanted to smack the haughtiness out of her, and tell her if she has that much money, she should be a decent human being and not waste money on stupid things like that. Of course, that's just me. And I'm probably just jealous, anyway.


I went over to M's adorable Martha Stewart place last night. She cooked dinner and a couple of her friends came over. We had a bit of wine. (But, of course, a bit is never enough, do ya hear me on that?) So, mah tummy erts this morning. Boooooo. Wine always does that to me. It gives me weird dreams, too. Last night I dreamt that everyone was congratulating me on being preggers, because someone randomly came up to me and said something about how I was pregnant. I was upset and confused, and nobody would listen to me about how I was certainly not pregnant. I don't like pregnancy dreams, because then I think that it's some sort of sign from above. I simply couldn't have a little babushka right now. It would be sleeping in our closet, and that would make me feel very white trash.

Okay, must go sit by the pool. If I'm going to Florida in a matter of days, I can't go looking like a pasty white mess.

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  1. Your hair is amazing. Gotta love Nikki!


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