June 13, 2007

on my homeless kitten...

Last night, I found a wee little kitten outside my door. At first he hobbled away from me, but after a few minutes, he came right up to me. (He was so adorable, I think my soul melted a little.) Naturally, I headed inside the house to plead my with the husband, on why we should adopt this little vagabond kitten. From the looks on Jay's face, it's as if he assumed I straight up bought this kitten to trick him or something.

Jay: "Um...we can't have two cats."

me: "But, eh...looookkkeeeee! Eeeess sooo cuuuuute! Widdle kitten! Awwww!"

kitten: "Mew."

Jay: "Well, everything is cute until it poo's everywhere."

Ah, such a killjoy. But I was brought back to reality. If I have issues with one cat (although, at the present time we are on good terms considering he's stopped the whole "I-must-poo-every-20-minutes" thing...), then I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle two cats. Well. It was a good thought, anyway.

Jay thought I should just take it outside, but I couldn't do that. I felt like I'd be feeding it to the wolves or something. So, I went next door, to my neighbor. (She's a sweet old lady who usually feeds the wild cats around our building - although, that's off the records, folks.) We both cuddled the wee one for a while, and then noticed a few cats downstairs, who were most likely the kitten's familia. Oh, it was tough to say goodbye, but we did. It took a few tries (he kept hobbling back over to us) but he did end up reuniting with his family. It was a good moment. And it totally made my life, getting to hold an adorable kitten for a while.

Seriously, kittens make me happier than anything.


  1. Alright, we have to be bff's. Don't you think? So right away, you will need to get pregnant, and move to New Jersey. You work on that, and I will make you a welcome basket.

    Seriously...Love your blog! Although, I have to agree with the husband that everything is cute until it poops! Which is why I am scared about having my own baby. I mean I LOVE babies, but if they are someone elses, when they poop, you just hand them back...

    Keep me posted on the New Jersey move and the pending pregnancy...I will keep you posted on my welcome basket!

  2. Cute kitty!! Awww... kittens make me happy. And no way newlywife, she's all mine!


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