August 2, 2006

on my mission in life...

I'm continuing on with my mission to get a cat. My newest plan is to ask for one for my birthday. Beg, plead, whimper, you know. I think I may be wearing J down about it, too. The other day while I was questioning the situation, he said, "Someday." Before? "Naw. I don't want a cat." So, there is some light at the end of our kitty shaped tunnel...

The other day, though, I was fighting my case and this is what I came up with:

me: "But...I just want a cat so much. I just want something furry to cuddle up with."

J: "That can be arranged."

me: "Ew."

The It's-either-a-cat-or-a-baby Argument hasn't worked well, either. Or the What-if-I-just-show-up-with-a-cat-someday-what-then-huh-what-then Argument. Or the What-if-someone-else-buys-us-one-we-can't-really-give-it-back-now-can-we Argument. So, for now I shall have to continue to give all my pet loving devotion to our Beta fish, Cat. (I named it so out of spite. Obviously.) It's kind of boring, though. Really boring. Booooo.

So, we shall see if my birthday wish comes true. Le sigh.

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