July 2, 2006

on the upside...

I guess I was sort of on hiatus for a while. Not sure why, but I have returned. I'm sure I was sorely missed by my readers, of which I have...none? Meh.

Moving on...

Life is looking up. I really hit a weird point in my life, during the last couple months where I had probably the worst attitude possible, and was dealing with alot of different things within my little-bitty "friend circle", shall we call it. I'm better now, though. Back to normal, I guess. I'm learning alot about human nature. About how to deal with different people. About realizing when you look at a situation and you realize that you really can't fix it or change it, so you might as well go on with your life and stop letting it eat your soul (as much). I'm one of those people who get completely wrapped up in things, though, and it's quite awkward to force myself to detach from a situation or relationship. What I've been thinking more about, instead, are the things that are actually going to matter in 5 years. Or even one year. Is it worth all the stress and frustration, for something that will most likely be forgotten?

Cryptic, I know. Mua-ha.

Anyway, I'm good. Thank you for asking. I'm surrounded by goodness, so how dare I complain, really. I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer willed with wondrous outings with my better half. We have a list going, of places to go this summer (thank heavens we live in So Cal, where the possibilites are quite endless):

- camping (Big Bear? The beach? Anywhere I don't have to poo in a hole that I dig myself?)
- wine tour (Not sure where this one will happen, but sounds good just the same.)
- beach hopping (Of which there are plenty.)
- concerts (Several I have my eye on. I haven't even been to a concert since...the Dixie Chicks when I was 17? Sweet mother.)
- Mexico (Hellooooo cheap lobster and margaritas.)
- Las Vegas (Perhaps just a one-night trip. I'm dying to go because Pachanga isn't cutting it, and I haven't been to Vegas since I turned 21. Woot-woot.)
- ovservatory (He knows where it is...I don't...sounds rather sweet, so I'll go for it.)
- Grand Canyon (Yeah, we're touristy.)
- Universal Studios (Going in a couple weeks - hurrah!)

And I'm sure more will be added. We're day-trip kind of people. Especially with working full time, we don't have much time to take lengthy trips. But I think that our days off work out this summer, where we'll have the same days off. Makes me happy.

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