July 22, 2006

on nothingness...

Mmm, yeah. Okay. Going to write more. Will not apologize for not writing more thus far, because that would be like apologizing to myself in an awkward sort of way. Anyway.

So, revelation. I'm thinking of going back to college this fall. For several reasons:

1) I am the only one I know who is 21 and not presently enrolled in college.

2) It just sort of sounds fun, because I see people using flash-cards and I like flash-cards.

3) I have recently purchased a new planner and have nothing to write in it. Now I sit here and ponder what to write, and end up pulling things out of my ass and writing down nonsense (i.e. 'do laundry', 'clean kitchen', 'watch tv', 'go to Del Taco for lunch', etc.). I would like to feel like a person with some sort of a life.

4) I feel like I'm wasting talent. Or knowledge. Or opportunity. Or some combination of the three.

5) It would be basically free, because the company I work for gives students nearly 100% compensation for tuition. S0, who am I to pass up something free? Seriously.

I'm thinking of just taking one class, so that way I can still work full time and continue raking in all the cash. Since, you know, I live an extravagent life. Me and my Target and Old Navy. (Can I get an amen?) But I would like to continue working full time for as long as I can, at least until my husband is done with college. However, the mere thought of having more than 2 days off in one week makes giddy as a schoolboy (or girl). Ah, well, that time will come...someday I'll throw in the towel all together once I start popping out the babies and get to be with them all the time. Hurrah for motherhood (someday)!

Anyway. We'll see what happens.

In other news...I had my hair colored darker but the stylist made it this awkward gray color and so she changed it again and now it's just darker with a more strawberry blonde look to it but I've grown accustomed to it and have decided it isn't worth my tears. Work is kind of boring lately, and there is serious drama (when ISN'T there drama in a workplace?) but I'm okay with it. I went wine tasting for the first time and was tipsy at 11am, which was new. My joints are becoming progressively more freckled which means, indeed, summer is here with vengance. And, that's that.

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