July 26, 2006

on the mysteries of life...

A few things have passed my mind in the last 12 hours.

1) Lance from 'N Sync is gay?

Wha? Am I the only person who did not see this coming? My world has come crashing down in complete and utter gaaaaaaaaa. Oh, and I found out from the hubby, interestingly enough. He casually mentions to me this morning, "So, Lance is gay." And Lance Bass being the only Lance I know in this world, I responded with a dubious, "From 'N Sync? Eh?" I didn't believe him until he showed me online. Makes me laugh, having a husband who is more up to date on celebrity gossip that I am.

2) I need to stop eating.

Well, eating too much. It's an issue, really. I keep thinking that if my metabolism has to put up with much more, it's going to throw in the towel all together and I'll become morbidly obese. Seriously. Okay, not seriously. But, anyway. My old drivers license always taunts me, because when I first moved here I weighed 113 lbs. Now? Okay, I have no shame...I've gained nearly 20 lbs. To be honest, I don't think I look that much different, except when I go to try on jeans. Because I'm up 2 sizes. And my boobs are bigger. And when I do my nervous laugh thing, I have more of a double chin, which is fun. It's weird, and I don't know why I've gained that much. It's kind of irritating. On the flip side, when I'm not fixated on the fact that everywhere you look there are people with stick thin figures, or TRYING to have stick thin figures (hello, Nicole Richie), I feel a whole hell of alot sexier with the bit of weight I've gained. It's weird how that works. But, I do...I feel more womanly. And I'm still not chubby. I gained weight all over, so it's not like I have a ghetto bootie or anything. (Although that might be fun.) Soooo. Enough on that. Still need to watch my over-eating, though. Del Taco, you are the death of me.

3) I can't handle heat.

I know, I know. I live in California. What do I expect? But seriously, I feel like I'm living in the Middle East these days. (I am SO lucky to have a desk job.) I just find myself coming home at night and it's all humid and stuffy in our apartment and despide how many fans are running, they prove to provide no relief WHATSOEVER. And I have a husband who can tolerate heat like a camel (camel?) and can be sleeping like a baby in 90 degree weather, while covered in a comforter. How. I would like to know how. I, on the other hand, will be lying next to him in a pool of sweat, with the fan directly in front of me, tossing and turning and ready to strangle my sleeping prince in his sweet, sweet slumber. We have an air conditioner, too, but it's in such an awkward place that it takes the coolness forever to fill the bedroom. And besides, my husband is a air-conditioner nazi. He doesn't like me using it alot. Boo for me.

So, I've been married for 5 months now. They're right when they say that the first year is gone before you know it. I'm so happy, though...we are truly made for eachother.

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