July 4, 2006

on the day of independance...

I have to work. All alone. On the 4th of July. Boooooo. I know, I know, it could be worse, but it's upsetting. The hubby even has the day off today (amazing for him to get holidays off) and yet I'm going to be sitting around on my bum for 8.5 hours with absolutely nothing to do but surf the internet. Nice.

At least I'll be making good money. Right? Right.

It's days like this that I miss being young, and getting all excited about fireworks and having a barbeque with my family. My parents would hold us off for a while by handing us a few boxes of those white popper things that you could throw on the sidewalk and they'd make a "snap" noise. Then once it finally was dark enough (and it never came soon enough, you know) we'd go into the yard and light some sparklers and try not to light eachothers faces on fire, drawing our names in the sky. Dad would begin to light the small fireworks, and mom would stand by with a watchful eye, ready with the hose in case something completely burst into flames (which it never did). I miss those days.

Oh, wistfulness, you are my friend.

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