July 23, 2006

on being completely worthless...

I find it interesting how every morning I wake up with a list of things to do, and somehow I'm able to keenly dodge them all day until I have to leave for work. Instead, filling myself with 3 episodes of Making the Band 3 (all I can think of while watching that show is, "Wow...hair...so much hair for one tiny person..."), cruising around myspace.com and attempting to fix my hair into an attractive state (I think I've decided that I don't like my hair anymore - why must I try to embrace change...why?). So, yeah. So much for laundry, buying those extra fans I've been needing in order to sleep at night in this hot hot heat, cleaning out the shower which I despise, and returning all of the phone calls that I receive from people and never get around to returning.

(Note to world: I am the worst phone-call-returner. Ever. I apologize in advance.)

So, I'm pretty much worthless all the time. I'm the greatest procrastinator. My excuse for this morning was the wild weather. Thunder? Rain? In California? Yes, I was excited. Too excited to do anything of substance, I guess. Well, it's good to know my rain dancing has once again paid off! Mua-ha! It was nice to wake up to the sound of rain, though. Brings me back to my good ol' Washington days. (Not Seattle.)

I'm just hoping that the husband has kept the cool air flowing through the apartment, so that by time I get home tonight it's not a hot house like yesterday. I'd rather not spend most of our first Summer of marriage sleeping on the couch because it's 98 degrees in the bedroom. How's that for newlywedded bliss?

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