May 1, 2006

on and on and on...

100 things you may or may not want to know about me.

1) I am left handed.
2) I am always in the mood for microwave popcorn.
3) For some reason, when people wear just socks and no shoes, it grosses me out.
4) I was once in a tv commercial for a local burger restaurant.
5) I have a recurring dream where my teeth fallout or fall apart
6) I've had 5 boyfriends.
7) I wasn't kissed until I was 18 years old.
8) I don't like thongs.
9) My first car was a Geo Metro, aptly named "the Jelly Bean".
10) My favorite movie is Garden State.
11) My favorite girls name is Emma.
12) My husband and I met while working at Disneyland.
13) I rarely pay full-price for clothes (hello, clearance racks).
14) I love writing with Sharpies.
15) Owning a cat would make me the happiest girl in the world.
16) People have told me that I look like Helen Hunt, LeeLee Sobieski and the girl from Scrubs.
17) I refuse to eat mustard, green olives or Sun Chips.
18) My first memory is from when I was 2 years old, looking in the mirror while I washed my hands in the hospital room; we were visiting my mom after one of my sisters was born.
19) I've never had stiches or broken a bone.
20) While in Jamaica, I climbed a waterfall.
21) I was cast as the title role in the show Cinderella, when I was 17.
22) Some tv commercials make me cry.
23) Many country songs make me cry.
24) Nearly all letters I write to my mom make me cry.
25) I'm kind of wistful; did that get across?
26) My hair is naturally light brown.
27) I'm notoriously bad at returning things (i.e. phone calls, library books, things I borrow from people, movie rentals, etc.).
28) My Starbucks: grande, single shot, iced caramal macchiato with extra caramel.
29) I had a credit card stolen once.
30) I love turquoise.
31) I'm very, very good at driving in the snow.
32) I can sing. Kind of well, actually.
33) I'm addicted to American Idol, What Not to Wear and true-life medical shows.
34) I have freckles on all my joints.
35) I'm not a phone person.
36) Sleep is very important to me, and I can be kind of a intense about it.
37) I had a crush on a gay friend once. He found out. Awkward.
38) I love quotes.
39) Black and white pictures are my favorites.
40) I've been really, really drunk only once.
41) I've never been to a football game.
42) I don't play sports.
43) I know more about airplanes than I would care to.
44) I find John Mayer, John Cusak, Dane Cook and my husband incredibly sexy.
45) (But mostly my husband.)
46) I adore musicals.
47) I've been in 7 musicals, actually.
48) My family once owned a goldfish that lived for 6 years.
49) Sensitive, creative and introspective are three words that describe me well.
50) Extroverted, obnoxious and slutty are three words that could never describe me.
51) I'm missing 6 teeth, because when I have such big teeth and a small mouth - so, they were removed when I was young. (Ah, the painful memories.)
52) People who breathe loudly bother me.
53) Once a friend told me that I was singing in my sleep.
54) In order to sleep, I need to have a fan on.
55) I have 4 sisters, no brothers.
56) I want to be a flight attendant, photographer, actress and mom.
57) I can't stand: Paris Hilton, making unprotected left turns while driving, WalMart, nylons and the amount of time it takes me to do my hair.
58) Oh, and Britney Spears. And parallel parking. Ew.
59) I have a pink iPod mini.
60) I feel naked without nailpolish on my fingernails or toenails.
61) I can play poker. Kind of.
62) Most used profanities: "What the H?" "Sweet Jesus." "Douche bag."
63) Okay, but I do swear when I stub my toe or am feeling really upset and passionate about something.
64) I weigh 129lbs. but my drivers license says 120lbs. because, hey, who doesn't lie about that? And I'm going to lose the extra anyway, right? Right.
65) I'm a Christian.
66) I think that I'm Scandinavian. I don't know what else.
67) I have a terrible sense of direction.
68) I love reading.
69) I get scared easily.
70) I had the greatest childhood anyone could ask for.
71) I have the greatest parents anyone could ask for.
72) I'm a slight hypocondriac.
73) For some reason, I always want to buy greeting cards and magnets when I see them.
74) Someone wrote a song about me once.
75) My husband proposed to me on Christmas, with the ring in an ornament.
76) Disneyland will always be magical to me.
77) I CAN GET TAN. It just takes a while. The end.
78) I've never done drugs.
79) I'm very secure and confident, but I really want everyone to like me.
80) I love lipgloss, and own way too much.
81) I'm completely artistic.
82) I've never played a sport, never wanted to.
83) Flowers and chocolate can cure my mood, never fail.
84) I have a tattoo on my lower back, the chinese symbol for "blessed".
85) I love writing letters.
86) I am kind of obsessive about things being organized.
87) I hate doing dishes.
88) I'm a born romantic.
89) Someday I'd love to have 3 children. Or...more.
90) Someone told me that I have a musical voice.
91) I used to hate my nose, now I like it.
92) There's this one joke that my husband can start telling me and I'll smile no matter what is going on. It's kind of frustrating, that power he has over me.
93) I really want to visit Italy, Greece and Africa.
94) I have an AA Degree in general studies.
95) Going back to college is something I'd like to do - if I can decide what I want to do.
96) When I wear skirts, I look like I'm 14.
97) I'm pretty bad at walking in heels, so even though I'm short I prefer flats.
98) I love going places just to people watch.
99) I try to have great pride in all I do.
100) My husband is my best friend.

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