April 17, 2006

on holidays and cold showers...

Here's the thing about being a young twenty-something, living away from the parents: holidays are empty. They really are, and it's quite upsetting to me. I ALWAYS work and I ALWAYS am away from my parents and sisters and I NEVER get to decorate. (I grew up in a home that changed various decor throughout the year, varying from holiday to holiday - or season to season. I miss it.) There's no way I could find a way to rationalize spending $50 on Easter baskets, plastic eggs and spring colored decorative pillows to the husband. He almost stops talking to me as it is, when he sees how much I spend on groceries. (He's still in the bachelor mentality: all pasta roni and cheezy puffs. Not working for me. I'm more along the lines of sandwiches and fettucini alfredo. But we're trying to understand eachother. And that's a whole 'nother story.)

Anyway, we're both working this morning, and then I'm going to attempt to create some sort of holiday ambiance by baking a ham (tiny little thing it is, and most likely will end up being microwaved), mashed potatoes (the flakes, of course, the flakes - you think I have time to manually mash up some potatoes?), veggies (frozen, I have no soul) and...pie? I could probably steal a couple of slices from work and bring it home. GAAAAAA! How ridiculous. I miss my mom's cooking. And I never realized just how expensive cooking actually is, though. If I wanted to buy all the ingredients to create a lovely Easter dinner, my husband and I would both probably have a stroke. So, we'll stick with microwaved ham and second-hand pie. Just wait until next year. I will be Martha of the kitchen, I tell you, MARTHA.

In other holiday news...

We didn't even get to go to church this year. Upsetting. That's one of my biggest issues right now: finding a church. I grew up going to church, and a few years ago - before I moved here to CA - I was a part of the greatest church. It really changed my life...changed my whole opinion of my own spirituality and relationship with God. I loved the way I felt - it was so nice feeling to strong in my faith. Since I moved, I haven't found a place that has given me the same thing. But now I'm all excited because there's a church really close to where we live, and it seems alot like the church I went to back home. And they have alot of opportunities, too, for my husband and I - young married bible studies, and worship services aimed at young adults. They have evening services, too, which was something I was looking for, considering there isn't ONE weekend where both of us are off in the mornings. So...I'm excited. Hopefully it will work out. I hate feeling like a shallow type of Christian, doing nothing with their faith.

Anyway...deep, eh? Deep...and wide. Deep, and wide. There's a fountain flowing deep, and wide. (Ah, I miss those Sunday school days.)

And...life goes on. They "fixed" the ceiling leak in our apartment, which make me curious about the fact we had to bring out the bowls once again yesterday, to catch the water. Nice. Oh, yes, and while we're on the apartment rant topic, I should mention the fact that I had a shower this morning before work (at 4 am, which is a time when NOBODY should be anything but enjoying some good REM zzzz's) and there was absolutely no hot water. And not only that, but it wasn't even warm. Not even luke warm. It was the equivilant of some water being pumped from a lake in Missouri the day before Christmas. And I would like to know why. For the love of all things holy, if a girl has to get out of bed at that hour, doesn't she at least deserve a warm-ish shower? Answer me that, maintenance man. And come fix our leak while you're at it.

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