April 21, 2006

on the haircut...

I'm leaving for the salon in a few hours. This is what I'm hopefully going to come out with (the blonde version, unless I'm feeling adventurous). Aaaaand, I'll most likely not be adventurous and go brunette. Maybe...light brown-ish? I say I'm going to every time, but then I just get nervous. As confident as I am with myself, I know that I'd be upset if half the people who see the change say,

"Ohhhh. Wow, you're not blonde anymore. That's interesting. So, when are you going to lighten it up again?"

For some reason, it gets to me. Firstly, because I always go out of my way to make someone feel good about change. Even if it's not one that I prefer, if someone cuts their hair short and becomes a red-head, I'll still make them feel like they look NICE. But some people have no tact, and that just makes me mad. I was at work one day, and I had it pulled back in the front and in a ponytail. The highlights were a bit grown out, and I was getting my hair done the next day, so it was the let's-just-make-it-to-tomorrow hairdo. A guy who works in the building came by and looked at my hair and said:

him: "You did something different to your hair."

me: (pause) "Um. No, not really."

him: "Huh. You striped it."

me: (inwardly "WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?") "I'm sorry, what? Oh, you mean...well, I'm getting it done tomorrow, I know the highlights are a bit grown out and...did you say striped?"

him: (walking away) "Hmmm."

Well, what do I expect from a 50 year old man? He probably doesn't even know what highlights (er, stripes) are, anyway. Regardless, I still thought it was rude, and was all paranoid for the rest of my shift. So, that's half of the reason why I shy away from much change. That, and I don't have any balls. (Which is a good thing. That would be upsetting.)

And the husband is being a good sport about the hair cut/color, too. At first he'd grumble about the price and say, "I don't want to hear about it. I think that's a rediculous amount of money to spend on hair." But he doesn't understand that in So Cal, $150 is the average price for a haircut and highlights. I think he's finally understanding that...he doesn't tense up whenever I mention the salon anymore. I asked him how I should pay for it, and he told me to do whatever I wanted.

Good sign.

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