March 30, 2015

my weekly to-dos...

I can't believe how long it has been since I've put one of these weekly posts together, but now felt like the right time to dive back in. I like having this list to start off my week, and there's something about putting it here that makes me think about it more often (and perhaps hold myself more accountable). As I mentioned back when I started these posts last year, they are inspired by Crystal and her weekly lists, which I always find so perfectly balanced—and inspiring. (Let me know if you decide to do your own version, too!)

I'll continue to break down the list into a few categories and limit myself to just 10 specific tasks. I've found this number to be challenging without being overwhelming. Also, I have family in town next week, so odds are I won't be able to check everything off my list…so, for that reason, I'll keep it a bit easy this time around. (Thank you and you're welcome, self.)

As for the past week, it was a good one—even though temperatures once again reached the 90s. If this is a preview for a rough summer ahead, I'd prefer to not think about it (or the cankles that will surely follow). I've also been struggling to find a new daily routine, now that Eisley naps only a couple times each week. It's hard to plan for the day (or week) now that I don't know exactly what free time I will have to work with. More on that later—as I would actually appreciate hearing how other parents have worked through the transition from napping to no-napping child.

Otherwise, I've felt pretty busy and (dare I say) accomplished. More than anything, I still want so much to figure out how to get at least one date night with Jay each month, but on Friday we at least enjoyed our last evening together as a family at Disneyland before our annual passes expire. I'm going to miss those adventures, but it just doesn't make sense to spend all that money on something like that, now that we will soon have a newborn (and have some other big expenses coming up). If we're still local when this next wee one is two-ish, maybe that would be a good time to splurge once again.

Now, if only Disneyland offered a delivery service for their popcorn… 

In any case, here's a look at my list for the week ahead:

This week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Deep clean/organize something
 — Finish up gathering Eisley's Easter basket goodies
 — Have a more positive attitude around Jay (who hears most of my complaining)

 — Finish reading one book
 — Stick to 10PM bedtime
 — Begin social-media-free weekends
 — Tackle email inbox (write at least 1 long-overdue email response every day)

Creativity & Blogging
 — Toss/sell/donate crafting items I no longer use
 — Jot down tentative blog post ideas for the month of April

 — Write and mail two thank you notes

I hope everyone has a beautiful Monday!

March 27, 2015

weekend giveaway: The Fringe Hours postcards...

weekend giveaway: The Fringe Hours postcards |
Last week, I ordered a bunch of boxed cards, a gift for a friend, and some adorable postcards from Dayspring. I added an extra set of postcards to my order because, quite frankly, they are adorable and I felt like they would make a fun giveaway item here on the blog! The postcards are from their The Fringe Hours collection, which is filled with beautiful products based on the popular book (and are all very Rifle-Paper-y, which I love). I kind of wanted to buy them all.

weekend giveaway: The Fringe Hours postcards | yourwishcake.comweekend giveaway: The Fringe Hours postcards |
Speaking of the book, have you read it? I very rarely buy books (both because I'm a tad too thrifty and tend to not reread books in my own library very often), but I did reserve a copy from my local library and am eagerly anticipating its arrival! It has received such rave reviews from many women I admire, and I think it will be the perfect read for me right now. I will definitely let you know what I think.

Anyway! After my recent Dayspring order arrived, I came across a deal specific to this collection, which makes all the items (aside from the actual book) buy-1-get-1-free. I may end up placing another order to stock up on a few birthday and Christmas gifts (yes, I think ahead of the game these days!). To get this deal, just visit the collection, add the items you want to your cart, then use the code FHBOGO during checkout to give you the discount. Easy peasy! The code is good through the end of March.

If you'd like to be entered to win a set of six postcards from this collection, simply leave a comment on this post sometime this weekend. You can leave any sort of comment, but if you'd like to offer a book recommendation, I'd be more than happy for you to share! Leave a comment before Monday morning (3/30), and I'll choose a winner then. Happy weekending, friends!

weekend giveaway: The Fringe Hours postcards |
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March 25, 2015

Citrus Lane: a peek inside my March box...

As I mentioned a while back, I took advantage of a recent promo code and was able to restart my Citrus Lane subscription—paying only $18.71 for my first box and receiving a bunny easter basket for free. Although I'm still unsure of whether I'll continue with these boxes every month (especially now that Eisley is older and we run into having entirely too much stuff), I'm glad I ended up paying for this deal because we received a rather fantastic box of goodies that was totally worth the price.

As I've done in the past, I plan on keeping the majority of the items to use as gifts for Easter, her birthday or Christmas. That is my favorite way to make the most of these boxes—that way your child isn't expecting to get a bunch of new things every month for no reason whatsoever. If you're like me (and like to tuck away gifts for the year ahead) this is an awesome way to get a variety of unique items for a discounted price.

See below for what we received in our box this month, which is for a 3-year-old girl (pardon the iPhone photos—they're the best I'm going to get this week!):
Citrus Lane, March 2015 |
Seriously, this box is perfect for Eisley. I was worried, because I read a few reviews of people saying they weren't as happy with the boxes aimed at children this age—but this one was definitely a hit for us! Not only are the items perfect for Eisley, but based on the average retail price of the items, the box this month is worth around $35. See below for a few notes on everything we received!

Reusable Sticker Pad from Melissa & Doug (average retail price: $5.95) — Eisley has a larger version of one of these that she loves playing with. I know that this princess-themed one will be perfect for her! This may be the one toy item that I give to her now, because I think it would be a good one to keep in her bag for church.

Wallet from Stephen Joseph (average retail price: $8.50) — This was perfect timing, because I've been wanting to pick up something like this for Eisley! I'm thinking I may keep this one to give her for her fourth birthday, so she has somewhere to put her birthday money. I'm eager to start being more intentional in teaching her about money, spending and saving, so this will be a good first step!

Kid-sized Apron from Handstand Kids (average retail price: $20.00) — Could this apron be any cuter? I think not. Eisley already has a few aprons that we use a lot, so I'm not sure whether I should save this one for Christmas or if I should just keep it on hand to use as a gift for one of her friends or cousins. Either way, it's an adorable product and beautifully made.

Honey Graham Sticks from Back to Nature (average retail price: less than $1) — This is one that will easily be tucked into Eisley's easter basket. She loves trying random snacks like these!

Citrus Lane freebie |
Bunny Basket (the freebie I received with a coupon code I used!) — This thing made me laugh a little bit as it looks into my soul with its beady little eyes, but I know Eisley is going to be borderline obsessed. Now to find some goodies to fill it with!

All in all, I think this was an awesome box for the price I paid. There was also a few discount codes in the box, but none that I think I'll take advantage of.

I do feel like when you're paying full-price for these boxes ($29 for the month-to-month subscription, and as low as $24 with the 6-month subscription) I would like to receive at least one more item. Either that, or I'd hope that the items in the box would be worth closer to $40. But! If you're able to use a coupon code (many are floating around the internet!) or sign up as a new customer and receive 50% off your first box (you can use my link, or ask a friend if they have one!) then you will be getting a fantastic deal. And as always, when you sign up for the month-to-month subscription you can cancel at any time. Remember to share your referral link with friends if you end up also loving these boxes, and you'll receive a $20 credit on your account for any friend who also signs up.

Did you receive a Citrus Lane box this month? You'll have to let me know what you think!

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